How it works

Check how authentic the product is.

While you are browsing to buy online on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay our extension becomes instantly aware of it and presents to you a small pop up for verification. On your command, we will analyze it using important driving factors of the product and give a rating for the product authenticity. With the score we give you can take the right decision of buying the product


Discover the potential of the features.

Ever felt that you have to check how good the product is and want a second opinion, not to worry we got your back. Scamfindr enables that seamlessly in a couple of clicks and gives a quick nod to go ahead or not. Our exclusive cooking process analyses the products in real-time by running our algorithm on the data and gives a delight.

  • Real-time analysis.
  • Derives decisions in seconds.

  • Use it on the go in major e-comms.
  • Hola! It’s free!